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National Knowledge Commission: NKC

Mr. Sam Pitroda      Chairman
Ms Sukhman Randhawa     Research Associate
Mr Vikas Bagri     Research Associate
Ms Aashima Seth     Executive Assistant

You think you got problems?

CA, Big Bear Lake Library  at
Dec. 14, 2010  about 2 p.m. while checking out four books a call came to the desk asking if they need anything done up there.  The ladies behind the disk type counter laughed at the caller who was the computer technician for the County of San Bernardino Libraries. One of the ladies said rather loud, while facing the other lady who had the phone, “What, you don’t have anything to do down their?”  That got some big loud laughs. Bob a Library worker was standing at the end of the Library counter, but I don’t know any of women names.  BBL Librarian Pam Heiman was in her office and took the phone call there. 

Point being, I had lot of abuse of power with San Bernardino County Chief Librarian Ed Kieczykowski, Ed’s Assistant and Pam Heiman during 2008, 2009 and until the fall of 2010.  And now it appears to start again and I want to make it public with this letter so to stop this abuse of power before it starts again. 

When I logged in using a computer on Dec. 14, 2010, I suspect that notification was sent to the above mentioned computer technician.  The technician has been misinformed about me.  Example:  Around August 2010.  The technician whose main location is down the mountain was one day was sitting behind the BBL Library counter I was talking with Pam Heiman about Heiman’s friend having a reservation on a computer I was on and thus I was forced to leave the computer.   During this conversation with Pam Heiman the technician butted in with his voice raised what appeared to me as rather aggressive, saying I was taken this problem of favoritism with Pam Heiman’s friend personal.  So raised was his voice that Pam Heiman placed her left hand on his shoulder as if singling him not to stand up and settle down. 

As I think about it now as I type,  Pam Heiman placing her hand on the computer technician shoulder may have been telling him to shut up about Carl taking it personal about Pam Heiman’s friend getting extra computer time.  My thinking of the facts goes like this.  Both Ed Kieczykowski and Pam Heiman’s friend previously claimed I was taking this favoritism personal.  I told Ed Kieczykowski over the phone as I told Pam Heiman’s friend to her face when she said I was taking this matter personal.  I said to here, “I don’t even know you.  So how can I make it personal about you.  My thinking making it personal must be a made up plan or rumor to put the blame on me the, messenger.  Thus no need for the technician to know anything except Carl’s activities on the Library computer.  Technician’s phone call, if about me is not predigest because of what Ed Kieczykowski’s Dec. 21, 2008 letter says?  “When you use a public library computer, you have no guarantees of personal privacy.”

I wrote about this abuse of power by the BBL Library in my “News Letter”  collectors Edition, which was enclosed in a hand painted 911 collectors envelope.   Receivers of this abuse of power letter was sent to newspaper reporters, by local and County Library heads of staff and local and State politicians. My County Supervisor Neil Darry , 3rd District, San Bernardino, CA, and all the way up to President Obama and Wikimedia Foundation.  I sent the same News Letter 3 different times and mentioned it in the Collectors Edition of the News Letter each time.  This abuse of power News Letter was sent by U.S. mail.

Wisconsin about March 1982 abuse of power Senenbrenner, and FBI and a crooked judge got me a year in Federal prison.

Related information below makes above statement more believable?

FBI Director Robert Mueller, US Congressman James Senenbrenner Jr. Both convected for abuse of power.

The above two pieces of information makes the below information more believable  GOOD  Looking Man!

Need More?

Saw Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on American TV.  Prime Minister gave the URL.  After a brief over sight I was again very impressed. Therefore this letter which gives some sharing of thoughts.

I’m very excited about learning at the age of 65
.  About 6 months ago I was a little depressed, I guess it was because of the government corruption in the world wide mortgage bond market.  I was reading the book “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis, and was making web blogs on the subject.

I new my blogs where viewed as child like but I also new I would get better if I *“enjoyed the learning” of this new world wide corrupt mortgage bond market subject. 

I was also bloging about military Veterans with PTSD.  Also bloging about Free Electric being stopped because of the corrupt World Wide bankers need to support oil companies and politicians.  My first learning and teaching blog on the stopping of free electric can be seen at:

I like what your web page says about Objectives:
“Devise mechanisms for exchange and interaction between knowledge systems in the global arena.”

Here is one mechanisms for exchange between my knowledge system, my brain.

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